65 Year Old Woman Discovers ‘’Wonder’’ Mat That Heals Chronic Foot Pains

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As a 65-year-old woman, I’m not as strong as I used to be some thirty to twenty years ago.

At first, you are in denial, especially if you’ve been pretty active your whole life, you just won’t admit that your joints are actually sending all that pain through you for the sole reason that you are getting old.

At first, I went to hospitals and met doctors who simply looked at me as if to say; ‘’Old woman, you are feeling this way because you are getting old. Deal with it’’. They prescribed drugs and exercises, anyway, that didn’t do anything.

At some point, I accepted the fact that my bones and joints weren’t as top-notch as they used be. But still, I was also determined not going to spend the remaining part of my life in pains and discomfort.

My biggest concern at that point had been the pains I felt in my feet whenever I walked for some time, then I noticed my balance was also being affected too. So the priority was to find a way to fix it.

I also got my husband who is about 2 years older to join in on the research, and we dug into a solution for the joint pain. It was like a journey for us. We found quite a lot of ‘’remedies’’ that didn’t do much, and some that were an absolute waste of time.

Till one day we saw this. A Stone massage mat: CHECK IT OUT HERE

The first time we saw it, it was on a website I stumbled on without knowing how I stumbled on it. And the first reaction I felt when I read what the mat supposedly does was skepticism. How can a mat fix leg and feet pain?

I’d have left it, but my husband, amused, asked that we try it out. And I’m grateful he did.

Initially, I had wondered how a massage mat could fix the pains I felt in my joint. But it all makes sense now. With drugs, I was just fixing the symptoms, which was the pains, and not the root which was the fact that my joints were getting a little weaker and I need to have them strengthened.

…and this is what this massage mat helps you achieve. But don’t get me wrong, this is not a quick fix. I went through lots of daily sessions before the pains finally went away and I began to feel comfortable. Over time I completely stopped taking my pain killers because I stopped needing them.

Now I find myself walking without wincing from the occasional pain that tore through my legs and joints in the past. If you are feeling any form of pain in your legs now, the Foot Massage mat is a must-have. I genuinely feel more comfortable and I haven’t felt this way in a long time. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

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