Dip Your Shoe in Water, Put This Shoe Dryer inside & It Will Become 100% Dry Again In Minutes

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If you are like me, then I’m sure you understand how annoying it is to wet your shoe and get it damp. The smell that develops afterward.

And if you want to try to air dry it, it just takes time and still doesn’t do a good job of removing the dampness. Plus over time the shoe starts cracking from all the dampness.

It can be annoying. And that was exactly what happened to me when for 5 days I was always being beaten by rain on my way back from work. By the 5th day, I had run out of shoes to wear to work.

To make matters worse, the one that got beaten the first day was still damp because the rain had been pouring down like the havens were trying to drown the earth, so it had not dried from all the humid air.

That day I had to wear it that way, and by noon my whole cubicle was smelling funny. That was when I knew I just had to do something to fix it. If I put on this kind of damp shoes too often I was going to develop an infection.

The first natural thought was to try and get more shoes. I reasoned that if I had more shoes then even if one got beaten by rain I’d have another dry one to try out. But then I thought about it and it didn’t make money sense at all.

…Because to start with I’d have to get two trainers for when I go to the gym, plus a couple of other shoes I had for different purposes had to come with backups and that just didn’t make sense at all.

I was in this fix when a colleague walked into my damp smelling cubicle and wrinkled his nose.

‘’Dude, something died in your shoe?’’ He asked, throwing a look at my legs. I gave him the ‘’5 shoes, rain beat all’’ story and he simply said.

‘’I have just two shoes’’ and then in his dramatic fashion made to raise his leg and get me to smell his shoe. I ducked.

‘’It doesn’t smell’’ he said. ‘’Get a shoe dryer’’

‘’What is that?’’ I asked.


That evening he helped me order one, and by the time it came in the door I was a little curious to see how it works. According to my colleague, even if you dip your shoe in water and pull it out, it dries it up in 3 hours. Of course, I thought he was exaggerating.

But when I plugged in the shoe dryer in a power source, and inserted it inside the shoe. All it took was 20 minutes and the dampness was gone, same with the classic damp smell. It was amazing. It dries your shoe up, leaving it dry and ready to be rocked the next minute – smelling clean.

I use this too on my gym shoes and it has been a great ride. Now I can still keep my 5 shoes and still have them looking, smelling and feeling new.





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