First Time Mother Tells How She was Able to Fix Her Sleeping Problem with This Bed

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When I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter, I always had issues sleeping.

At first I had had the usual bouts of early morning sickness, which I could handle. But when I started becoming uncomfortable and problems sleeping I just went to the doctor.

By this time I was about six months in and always staying up at night. I was so heavy I had a hard time finding the perfect position to sleep, and with all the discomfort came sleeplessness and irritability. At one time I was this irritable I snapped at my husband. That was when I knew I had to see a doctor for the sleep.

I had my appointment with the doctor, he examined me but declined giving me any sleeping pill that would help. ‘’It was too risky’’, he told me, ‘’could harm the baby’’

So I was stuck with my sleeping problem and no way to fix it. Or so I thought because I got really really worried that I started asking around again. And I was glad I did.

One of my friends, who was herself a mother of four, recommended this this Maternity Bed

The moment I took a look at it, I knew I wanted it because it was shaped in such a way that would enable me sleep comfortably on my side and not feel so much pressure on my tummy, But at that point I really wasn’t sure it could fix my sleep problem.

 No doubt, it could fix my discomfort issues but that sleep problem was like top on the list for me and I wasn’t sure it could have that handled. But my friend laughed when I told her my concern.

‘’The reason why you can’t sleep is because you are uncomfortable’’ she said.

Well, long story short. My husband got me the Maternity Bed the very next day when he sensed I was hesitating, He too was starting to be uncomfortable about the whole sleep thing.

First time I lay on it, I instantly loved the warm balloon bubbly feel of the thing, coupled with the way it was designed I was able to lie on my side and still feel comfy. Which was a good thing because I remember reading somewhere that that was the best position for the baby, as it encourages health blood flow.

That night I had one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had in a long long time, I could change my position comfortably with ease and I honestly do think this is a must have for every woman with a baby, hoping for a baby or trying to have one. THIS IS WHERE I GO MY MATERNITY BED

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