Hate the Smell of Pills…Use This Pain Relieving Balm Instead For Your Muscle & Body Pain

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If you are anything like me, then I’m dead sure you hate the smell of pills.

And when it comes to swallowing them you have a pretty hard time swallowing and keeping them down.

Once I was fusing over my pills and ended up chocking on one. For minutes I coughed incessantly and for a very few scary moments felt I was going to choke to death. So coupled with a strong distaste for the smell of pill, I’m also downright scared of them.

So I’m always looking out for an alternative solution all the time.

However, good thing is most of the time I rarely get sick so I don’t actually get to take pills that much. But recently I developed a back pain that kept reoccurring, so I had to go and see a doctor.

After examining me, he handed me some pills to help with the pain. I’m a 35 year old mother of two, a grown ass woman…but I actually nearly had a panic attack when those drugs were recommended. I carried them home and literally stared at them for minutes.

I’d take a mouthful of water, raise the pills to throw them down the little well of water in my mouth, cringe and stop. I was this way for quite some time till I gave up and tossed back the pills.

I went about my business for a couple of days but the pain kept coming back, so I was faced with either taking that drug, living with the pain forever (yes, I actually considered that for a brief moment. It’s that serious) or looking for an alternative.

I went with the last option. An alternative.

I asked a couple of friends, one suggested I grow up and take the pills. Which, to me, wasn’t part of the consideration. And the second one actually did come up with an alternative.

She suggested I try this balm CHECK IT OUT HERE

And man, does it work? When she told me it gives an almost instant relief to muscular pain, I felt she was exaggerating but after trying it out, I was surprised. It does work. The first time I tried it, the pain had come up and I had asked my husband to help me massage my back with it.

…I just applied and forgot about it, a few minutes later I remembered I had applied something on my back and I waited for the pain. It was gone. I was amazed.

Needless to say that I never took those pain killer pills, and I never had a need to. This Balm works just perfectly fine for me. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

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