How a Car Accident Led Me to Discovering The Perfect Solution for Eye Bags & Dark Circles

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The phone rang. I looked at it. It was Mike, my fiancé’s best friend.

I picked the phone and immediately sensed that something was wrong.

‘Christy’ he said in a voice that sent panic through me. ‘’Jeff has been in an accident. He is critical’’

In that instant it felt like I had been punched in the gut. I grabbed the arm of the sofa I was sitting on.

‘’Where is he now’’.

He told me the hospital and I hung up and left the house in a flash.

And that was how I started series of days of sleeping in the hospital. The experience took a toll on my mind, and my eyes too.

Because I stayed awake most of the time during the nights I stayed at the hospital, I found myself developing dark circles and really heavy looking eye bags.

I’d look in the mirror and look really old with the eye bags and the dark circles around my eye. I took a time off from staying at Jeff’s side just to catch a little more sleep.

It did very little, and most part of the dark eye circle and eye bags remained.

One day my best friend took a look at me and went; ‘’Jezz, Christy. You look like shit. Look at all those eye bags’’

If you are like me, and you have eye bags then I’m sure you must have known how I felt at that point. I looked at the mirror close by and cringed.

I really did look horrible. The eye bags made me look older, and tired. And all the stress I had been going through just stood out in my eye like a sore thumb!

I tried hiding it with a lot of make-up and concealer, but then you would just want the thing to just go away. For real.

I asked around a friend suggested this eye bag remover. It worked like an eraser! Cleaned off the dark circle and removed the eye bags in just under three days. I’m always prone to eye bags so it was like a very important discovery.

Jeff got better, I found a way to remove my eye bags and dark circles whenever I got way too stressed. THIS IS WHERE I GOT MY EYE BAG REMOVER 

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