How a Cotton Bud Nearly Destroyed My Son’s Ear Buds For Life

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I have this really compulsive habit to wipe my ears of wax. So I’m basically doing it all the time. Usually in the morning.

I always had a couple or more of cotton buds packs lying around the house and it gets finished pretty quickly. A little quicker than the average time it would take someone else to finish theirs.

I have had a couple of ear infection from always having my ear ways super clean, and I’d stop for a while after getting fine but then habit kicks in and dulls the memory of the experience.

And most of the time I did this in front of the kids. You know kids, they notice what you are doing and then go on to do it when you are not looking.

That was how my little boy went and stuck the earbuds in his ears and when he pulled out the little stick attached to the cotton, the cotton stayed behind, lodged deep inside his ears.

We didn’t know this until some days later, and by this time it had developed into a full-fledged infection with pus coming out from his ears. He had always been crying and holding his left ear, so one day I took a look and nearly screamed.

His ear was filled with pus. Quickly I took him to the hospital and he had to be operated on. The doctor got it out, then told I had to pull off the cotton buds I had at home out. Then recommended this instead:


It safely pulls wax out. And you don’t worry about mistakenly leaving any cotton behind. It safely latches in your ear and zaps the wax out.

All the excess wax are pulled out at one insertion, and you don’t need to prod the ear and cause harm to the earbud. Once you are done, simply pull the head off and drop in a trash then replace with a fresh one. Absolutely non-messy.

I recommend this to everyone, for a more hygienic periodic ridding the ear of excess ear wax. YOU CAN GET IT HERE

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