How a Simple Little Box Made Me a Fortune. Read This If Photoshoot & eCom Interest You

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I am a stay at home mom, with 3 lovely kids.

For as long as I can remember I have always been into fashion. As a teen I would get lost on the pages of Vogue magazine and just dreamily look at images of fashion wears, admiring them for hours.

But strangely, I loved fashion more out of a desire to be able to make the things I saw rather than actually wearing them. Don’t get me wrong, I also desired to have some of the things I saw on, but the desire to be able to make them was stronger.

Life happened and I got really busy. My passion got shelved.

When I and my husband started having babies, I wanted to just have them homeschooled and it has been a very crazy ride.

However, that was how I came to dabble into e-commerce and my love for fashion returned, this time I was determined to make money from it.

I kicked off, hopes were high but sales were pretty low. I’d juggle it with homeschooling but at some point, it felt the business wasn’t worth it. The money coming in wasn’t what I had expected.

I had someone, who had built a successful 1 million dollars ecom business, take a look at the business and the first thing he said was:

‘’It’s the images’’

eCom is a very visual business. People make a decision to buy based on how attractive what they see on your website are. And to make my pictures that attractive I had to invest in a lot of photoshoots.

I tried that, but considering the fact that the business was already suffering I decided that it was not something I can always afford. So most of the time I was taking the pictures myself and uploading them.

Sales suffered as a result because the pictures were always looking very amateur and unattractive.

So I told the 1 million dollars eCom guy that with all the things I was selling I’d blow my revenue on photoshoots alone, and he advised me to use this box instead for my photoshoot.

He told me that even with the level his business was, most of the shoots were done with the box. And when you start using it, it becomes clear why. Take a picture of anything inside the box and it looks like something out of a professional studio.

I can fold it up and take it with me anywhere I wanted to go. And it just helps produce very immaculate looking photographs of my products that was completely astonishing.

My eCom site began to look sleek, people checked out the product longer and sales increased. I recommend it for everyone who basically wants to take better pictures of items they’d like to upload on social media, blogs or eCom website.  

So, if you’re short on money like I was but need to produce high-quality product photos FAST, this USB Folding Mini Photo Studio is guaranteed to help. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

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