How I Got My 2 Year Old to Feed Herself without Spilling the Food on the Floor

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My first son had been really really messy.

As a baby he had been very particular about feeding himself, take a spoon to him and he would cry and fuss until the spoon is handed to him and he’d have to feed himself. Then you step out and return and the whole food is on the floor. was a nightmare.

I had to always choose between getting him upset and having him do it himself. Most of the time I chose the latter and he ended up not really eating much.

The moment my daughter hit two, she started exhibiting this exact behaviour. It was downright tiring.

If you are like me, you might have experienced this before and you know how these kids are when they are fixated on feeding themselves. Then when they have their way, you’d see food flying all over the place, the table, the floor and even your clothes.

Then you have to clean up the mess after them! Arrrghhh.

Well, it was completely understandable. Kids would be kids and all this was completely normal, but I still wanted to make things super easy for myself.

And that is exactly why my eyes lit up when someone told me about the spill proof plate.


‘’She would eat with it and not spill a drop’’. She had said. Of course, I didn’t believe that. How could a simple dish make a baby not spill food? It didn’t quite add up.

I did my research and found out the spill proof dish is designed to rotate in such a way that the food is kept inside the plate anytime it is moved.

I was sceptical. It still sounded unbelievable. But I looked at the price of the thing, what do I have to lose. It was affordable. And moreover, if it works I get to have my child eat and leave a clean table behind. So I placed an order.

The day it arrived, I had it washed then put in food inside and just out of curiosity settled to watch my daughter eat. A few minutes in and my face broke into a smile. It was working! The food was not spilling.

I was excited. Yes, she had some food stain on her body (That was inevitable) but there was no drop on the floor, just the stain on her clothe where she had cleaned her hands after dipping them in the plate.

If you are a mom, or you are still expecting, this spill proof plate is an absolute must have. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

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