How I Helped My Girlfriend Get a Bigger Butt without Squats or Surgery

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If you are like my girlfriend and you want a bigger butt, then this might be very helpful.

…when I started dating my girlfriend she used to be shy and insecure about her butt, but just six months into the relationship she 3x her butts, grew her confidence and would make guys stare whenever she walked into a room.

I will get into how I helped her achieve this in a bit.

But first, a little background.

You see, my girlfriend is a little slim. With quite a tiny waist. But the problem was she had a very little butt. And this made her very very uncomfortable.

So much that she’d take pictures and carefully avoid her butts showing because she was super insecure about the size.

She tried out squats, but it never seemed to work for her. And she saw it as a lot of work and ended up giving up anyway.


And it was really difficult for her, she would go on Instagram and see girls with really big butts and admire them and I’d point out to her that they might have filtered and photoshopped it but then she’d point out there was a real-life girl with exactly that kind of butt who always came to the gym.

…and truth be told, although I said all the nice things to make her not feel bad I still secretly wished she had a bigger butt and I would sometimes longingly stare at girls who had it bigger.

At this point, I knew I just had to do something for her. So I began to research how to get a bigger butt. The first thing I came across were surgeries. They were pretty expensive…and first, I couldn’t afford it. Second of all, I wouldn’t have had her do it. One wrong doctor and things could go really really bad. Plus sometimes even the good ones make fatal mistakes.

But as I kept going deeper and deeper, I found something else that I can afford and which wasn’t dangerous to carry out: Butt Enhancement creams.



I even went deeper in research and found one particular one a lot of people online swore was the reason their butts became bigger. This one HERE

Yes, just like you are feeling now I was very skeptical it’d work. How can a cream make someone’s butt bigger? I asked myself

But since I had nothing to lose, I bought it and gave it to my girlfriend. First, she laughed when I made her promise she’d use it.

She did and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m very impressed with the results and sometimes I laugh when I see how much she tries getting her butt in her Instagram pictures now.

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