How to Turn Anywhere Into a Cinema Hall with Just a Smartphone

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That was my reaction when someone told me the exact same thing. How is that even possible?

But I will get to that in a bit.

However, I stumbled on what I’m about to show you completely by chance. I met a new girl, well not so new. I have been asking her out on a date a long time & she had always turned me down.

So this particular day she agrees to go out with me and literally throws me into a panic mode. For days I was practically at a loss how to make sure I leave an impression on the first date.

I went straight into analysis paralysis and couldn’t come up with a perfect date idea. Now, this feeling was absolutely new to me because to a great extent I have always been comfortable with the female folk…but I guess I was a little too excited she finally agreed to go out with me after all the asking.

I reached out to a friend, a female friend and asked her if she had an idea for a perfect date she’d share with me.

‘’Sure’’. She said. ‘’Do something laid back, something that will bring out your personality. I have an idea. Do an indoor movie night. At your place’’

Now, the first reaction when she suggested that was ‘’hell no’’. There was no way this girl would want to have a movie night at my place. She seemed a little like the church girl type, and that would spook her.

But when my friend told me her plans in detail, I completely fell for it.

First, she told exactly how to ask her so she sees I have no intention of being ‘’disrespectful’’, then she offered to lend me a portable projector.  

Connect the projector to your mobile phone and it throws a full 1080p HD picture quality on any flat surface you face it too. It’s amazing how crystal clear it comes up, and it gives your home or anywhere you project it that awesome cinema feels.

And that was how I got to find out about the Portable Projector. After my date, which went really well, I made an effort of getting my own. And this was where I got mine. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

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