I Always Worried That My Son plays A lot, Till I Discovered How to Use ‘’Play’’ to Make Him Do Better in School

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It sounds a little unbelievable, but having your child play the right way can actually help him/her do better in school.

My son, for instance, is super playful. Nothing holds his attention for too long and to top that his grade suffered from all the distraction.

And I also noticed he had issues with thinking out solutions that involved numbers. And then he had to be always cautioned by the teacher.

I started noticing he was becoming more withdrawn. A couple of times I checked with the school and mentioned this, but no one seemed to get it. It was way annoying.

I went through his grade books and they were horrifying. So I decided to get him a private tutor, but the same thing happened.

…he’d cry and throw tantrums whenever the tutor came around the house. However, I knew something was wrong. Kingsley was a good boy, he was always playful with other kids. But somehow he always acted up whenever a teacher was around.

So I started to research to find out what could be the problem. And it took me down a lane of discoveries, most of which I can’t talk about here.

The part that interested me the most was the subject of how much kids’ educational toys can do to their brain improvement, and concentration skills. One day I went online and ordered this particular one for him 

When it came in, I was scared he won’t touch them. But then I lay them on the floor, and because it was just like any toy his eyes lit up, and the educational angle was lost on him. That afternoon he threw himself into it and we had to drag him away when it was time for dinner.

But something amazing happened, and I noticed that he became more curious. And as he became more curious his concentration level spiked immediately. Somehow all this created a domino effect that spilled over into his grades.

Before all this I had always known he was a bright boy, he just needed it to be brought to the surface. And this toy did exactly just that for him.

If you have a child who you believe has more inside, but somehow it doesn’t reflect in his grades then like my Kingsley I think all he/she needs is to simply learn concentration with these toys and everything else will fall in place. CHECK IT OUT HERE




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