I Had A Flat Tyre and No Spare in The Middle of Nowhere, But in Just Minutes I Was Driving Again With the Help of This Electric Pump

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It was an emergency so I had to quickly make an interstate journey, with no spare tyres.

Well, I had completely forgotten I’ve not had it fixed since the time it got burst some two days back and I had to ask someone to change it. I just hopped in, kicked the car to life and hit the road.

I had been driving for about an hour when I heard it, the sound of wheel scratching the coal tar. In that instant, I remembered I didn’t have the spare fixed and for a brief moment, I panicked. I was in the middle of nowhere and the nearest vulcanizer could be miles away.

Then I relaxed. Now it all made sense why It had skipped my mind to have the spare fixed. The previous week I had bought an electric pump a friend suggested I buy, so I guess I had been subconsciously feeling safe. Normally this wasn’t the kind of mistake I’d make.

I pulled the car to a corner, and killed the engine then got out. I was the only one on the road. It was deserted.

I went to my trunk and pulled out the electric pump. And then panicked a little, although I have had it in the truth for some time now I have not actually gotten around to using it. So I didn’t know whether or not it worked.

….and I wasn’t even sure how to use it. I pulled it out from the pack and took a look at it, luckily it looked pretty intuitive to use. I simply plugged and pumped. Luckily the tyres had not been punctured by anything.

In no type, I got into my car and was off again. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I didn’t have this pump in my trunk.  

I recommend this for every driver out there, I think it is as important as a spare tyre itself. People have had cases where they had a flat tyre, change to a spare one and still end up with another flat tyre and no way to have it fixed. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

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