I Had a Hard Time Losing Weight Till I Tried This

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I use to be overweight. And it gave me concerns. Serious concern.

I’d look at the mirror, note how budged my tummy looked and freak out. But I always had this problem: I never really got myself to do any weight loss program long enough to get results.

To start with, I felt it was just a long process and whenever I didn’t see visible signs that what I was doing was working I just lost interest.

Then it got to a point I just accepted myself the way I was.

…and things got worse. I ate anything I lay my hands on, and usually, it was always some unhealthy meal. At some point, I weighed a lot. I was overweight!

One day I got sick and had to be admitted to the hospital, and that was when the doctor broke it to me: ‘’Look dude, if you don’t lose weight fast you might develop a heart disease’’. That scared me real bad.

So I began a physical fitness training program and subscribed to a healthy meal plan. It was one thing to want to lose weight just to look good. But this time I was doing it to save my life.

So you’d think that I’d stick to it. But the problem resurfaced. I always had burnouts, I got fed up and was always losing little weight and gaining back everything. It was depressing.

I told my doctor and luck enough he understood how I felt.

He went in and got this device and gave me;


‘’What is this?’’. I asked

‘’A fitness tracker’’ he replied. ‘’you see, the reason you give up is that you lose motivation. And you lose motivation because you don’t track your progress. Every little thing you do on this journey produces a result. This helps you see them, no matter how tiny. And when you see them, you will stay motivated’’

It made absolute sense. But still, I was a little skeptical. I mean, I tracked my progress with a weighing balance. And I still get burnouts, so how would this be any different.

‘’This is different’’. He said. ‘’It’s like a fitness coach. Just by wearing it you can track everything, even down to your heartbeat rate when you are working out. The distance you have covered when you jog, how much calories you have burnt’’.

It was way more than just getting on a weighing machine.

And just like he predicted, my inner drive increased. With this device I constantly see myself pushing to beat the record of the previous day. Working out has become more exciting because I now track my efforts and then push to beat it the next day.

I became addicted to it but in a nice way. It would beep to remind you to work out, track your efforts and help you know exactly what you should do to be better.

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