I Smiled at the Expression of The Guy That Scratched My Car When I Walked down & Wiped it off with this ‘’Pen’’

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I hate driving a scratched car but unluckily for me, I get scratched a lot. It’s downright annoying.

On one of ‘’such scratches’’, I had gone to drop my family at the bus station and was coming back when this bus heads towards me from the front.

The road was fairly busy, cars weren’t moving really fast and although it was narrow it would have been more than enough space for my car and the bus to go past each other without colliding.

…but the bus came straight for me. I stared, incredulous that he would gun for my car when there was a lot of space to maneuver through. But when I figured out there was something wrong with the car, it was already late.

Later found out the brake had malfunctioned and my car had been quickly turned into a contingent brake.

Well, after that experience. Plus having to pay for the scratches repainted I became very very ‘’paranoid’’ about getting scratched again. Because let’s face it, you’d always come in close contact with other cars on the road. One wrong turn, they slide on your car and leave with some paint…

…then the car starts looking really really ugly.

And it was this fear that led me to ‘’the pen’’.

I wanted something that I’d use to retouch my car by myself and it’d still look as good as new, without me going to the paint shop.

One day I was talking about the way I get scratched with a co-worker and how I wish I’d be able to have something that just cleans it off.

‘’I have something I use’’. He told me. And then walked out to his car and brought then pen.

He showed me how it worked.

When you have a scratch like this one.

Simply take the pen, put it on the scratch…press and rub. And it cleans the scratch-off like an eraser. No need to pay crazy amounts trying to have it painted at the paint shop.

Some weeks after I got the pen, I got scratched in a traffic jam. Alarmed I came down to look at the damage, It was just the paint that got scratched so I walked inside the car, pulled out the pen and wiped it off.

And the guy that hit me looked on like he had seen a cool trick. GET ONE HERE.

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