Make-up Artiste Reveals How to Make up Like a Pro Even in Pitch Darkness

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I am a make-up artist, and most of the time I’m on a look-out for tools that would make my job easier. Anything from the right brushes to just the right kind of concealer to use

But at some point, I discovered a tool, a really cool makeup tool but ironically not for professional use. But for a more personal affair.

In fact, if you’ve ever tried to make up in in the early morning hours. Or in a place with not so much natural night then I think you’d find this helpful.


Some days I have a really busy schedule and I wake up at 5:30 am in order to get ready and beat the traffic, and on days like this I still want to look on point but end up failing miserably because of the poor lighting. I’d spend hours touching my face and then find out when daylight sets in that I have made a mess.  


At first, I battled this for a while, until I gave up and decided to find a solution. My initial reaction was to bring back the ring light from my studio and use it at home too, and then carry it out with me the next morning. I tried it a couple of times and stopped, it was too bulky to carry around.’

What I needed was something I can have in my room, that would blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb the way the ring light did.

And after checking around, here is what I found:

A Vanity mirror with lightning that replicates daylight! And not just that, it is spacious so you can be able to see every single part of your face at once. No need to worry about the orange toned light from the bulb, this makes sure you apply make-up in a pitch dark room and still come out slaying.  

After I discovered this, it has been absolutely wonderful. It sits prettily on my vanity table and I find it useful in about anytime of the day. I GOT THE VANITY MIRROR FROM HERE

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