Mother of Two Reveals How She Makes Old Clothes Look New Again in 5 Minutes

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I have been a ‘’DIY hack person’’.

I’d always go online to google ‘’5 ways to quickly remove oil stains from clothing’’ and the likes.

I have always been that way. Very particular about things. I am the kind of person that expects the flower spot to stay a certain way so the little rays of sunlight from a crack in the curtain can throw itself on the flower at a certain angle.

So you can imagine my dismay when I started having kids, very energetic ones at that. I’d practically raise my voice all day and they would still turn everywhere upside down.

But the problem that gave me the most concern were lints!

Because my kids played a lot I always ended up doing laundry frequently. And normally lints developed on the clothing. It was annoying. It made the clothe look old, and worn out.

I’m a little particular about how my kids look and feel in their clothing, and I was just not going to have them wearing clothes that look like they have lived in them all their life. Plus the annoying part is that some of these clothes develop lints just after three times of hitting the laundry. Naturally my ‘’fix it’’ side always came up.

At first I was throwing the old looking clothes away, giving them away or just dumping them in a basket. But it started becoming way too expensive so I just had to fix it.

At first what I did was pick the clothes and manually pick off the standoff fibres on them. Which was a lot of work, but still helped make the clothe look a little better. But it took a hell of time to pull off. Sometimes an hour for each of the cloth, it was crazy.

I needed something that would remove the lints faster and more efficiently

So I went online, as usual, and began digging. A lot of things came up. But this was the best option I saw.

It takes 5 minutes max. Run the device over the cloth and you have it lint-free and looking crispy. Amazing stuff. I could wash the clothe as much as I want, have all the lints in the world on it and still turn it into brand new with this device.

I went to work on all the old looking lint filled clothes and It zapped them off. Never regretted buying this device for one single day. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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