I Thought I’d Never Have Beards but When I Started Using this…

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My dad had beards. But it was the patchy ones.

According to him, his dad also had patchy beards too. But the only thing that grew on me was a mustache and those ones had a hard time growing.

My elder brother had beards too, the patchy type still. And my younger brother had no beards at all.

My jaw, on the other hand, had no hairs. They were dry. I was right in the middle of the beard balance, in between having no hair on the sides of my face and having a lot of mustaches

But I wanted a Face full of hairs. If you have noticed, there is this change that comes over a man when he has a face full of hairs. You go from just okay to extremely hot and attractive. And I wanted that.

At first, a lot of people told me this was impossible. That I had to stick to what genetics had to offer, nothing else would help.

I had settled to accepting this when I met an old classmate of mine in the University in an art exhibition fair I had attended, with a face full of hair.

The reason why this was surprising was while we were in school he had shown NO SIGNS at all he’d have beards. Then I meet him just some years down the line and boom – he was looking like the patron saint of bearded men.

…funny enough, it was the first thing I brought up after we exchanged pleasantries.

‘’Dude, what happened. You have beards!’’

He laughed and mumbled something.


‘’Beard Oil’’. He repeated. ‘’I started applying beard oil’’

No way. I had bought and applied a lot of beard oils & they had failed horribly. So I told him and he pulled out his phone.

‘’I use this one’’.

And he showed me a picture of this particular beard oil 

The next day I placed an order for it from this store online. CHECK IT OUT HERE and started using it. 2 weeks in and I saw no signs. I called my classmate;

‘’Yo, this thing is not working’’.

‘’How long have you used it’’. He asked. I told him.

‘’Calm down’’. He said. ‘’Use it for another two weeks’’. But it only took one and I started seeing sprouts of hair springing up. I couldn’t hold back my excitement.

To cut the story short, my beards have grown to a nice shiny black luster. I’d dress up and apply beard oil on it generously and have it glitter, and as a bonus, I get more lingering gazes from the ladies.

It’s awesome.  CHECK IT OUT HERE

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