The Knife That Saved My Life’’. 22 Year Old Man Reveals.

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I recently moved to a new town.

…and before I moved in I was stuck. I had a budget but that budget wasn’t going to get me a place in a safe neighbourhood.

So I went with the option I could afford. A mini flat in a really rough neighbourhood. It wasn’t a big deal, because my plan was to stay there for a while, get a good job and then move to a safer neighbourhood.

Normally, as a new comer I would notice some of the ‘’hood rats’’ looking at me, checking me out and I knew I had to get some protection. It wouldn’t be long before they start thinking hard about making a move on me. So I had to get something, just in case.

I called my brother who was in the military and he laughed at me for being so paranoid, but said if it was going to make me feel any better he was going to send me a nice combat knife the next week, just to have it on me at all time and maybe it’d help me ‘’grow some balls’’. Those were his exact words.

True to his words, he sent it. And it was a beauty:

Just wrapping my palm around the wooden handle felt reassuring, and it just fitted into my hand effortlessly. The finishing on the wooden handle was a little deceiving as it beclouded how sharp the blade really was. It could tear through anything like a chain saw.

I feel in love with it at first sight, more because of it’s beauty than anything. Plus it felt nice to the hand and filled me with a little more confidence.

Anyways, i had already blended in and started feeling a little more at ease in the neighbourhood when ‘they’’ finally struck. I can’t forget that night in a hurry. I was running home from work, I usually leave early so I use the time I go home to keep in shape.

So I basically just run home, I had this bag I always went to work with so I can change into my running clothes and work clothes and I had it over my shoulders as I tore through the streets.

I took the exact same route every day and I guess that was the first mistake I made.

Just as I took a bend into a badly lit alley, I saw them first. Two men in their early twenties, about my age mates. And from the way they stood my instincts told me they were waiting for me. It was that strange part of your mind that accurately access a situation and pushes you into action.

As I ran I dipped my hand into the bag and pulled out the combat knife, then increased my speed. They saw me coming and one of them took a step forward obviously ready to reach out and grab me when I got closer.

After that it all happened really fast. He made to grab me and I swung the combat knife at the outstretched arm, quickly he ducked as I tore past them. I looked over my shoulder and winced.

He was screaming and his companion was bent over him, obviously looking at his arm. I was sure that must have done a lot of damage.

Although I moved out a couple of months later I still carry this combat knife around. Looking back, I guess the reason why I kept moving was because of that combat knife. It gave me that confidence and feeling that I can defend myself and who knows what would have happened if I didn’t have it. Maybe freeze with dread and get hurt.

It is important to have something like this in this dangerous society and era that we live in, you don’t know when you might need it. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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