This Amazing Bluetooth Speaker Levitates When You Put It On

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My name is Kenneth. I’m 16 years old.

I’m not much of a tech person. But when I saw this levitating speaker, I instantly fell for it. I will get to that in a bit, but first…how I discovered it is a little funny story.

My brother was drafted into the army when I was 14, and we had always been pretty close. When he went off to join the military it felt like a part of me had been cut off.

Whenever he was free we always hopped on the phone and spoke for hours. I told him of the kid at school that did a viral music video and got signed up by a record label. I became interested in music, listened to about every music imaginable and discovered I was more of a hip-hop person.

So I would load my phone with a lot of hip-hop song and just jam away in my free time.

Then one thing led to another and I picked interest in writing my own songs. I told my brother and he was interested. He had always shown that keen interest whenever I tell him things I was interested in.

I was randomly downloading beats of the popular song online and doing a cover on them so I told him that too.

‘’I will be coming home next weekend’’. He said. ‘’will get you something, it would help’’.

That weekend he came back home and brought this back.

A levitating Bluetooth speaker!

It takes itself up and hangs in the air when you turn it on, how cool is that. At first, you’d wonder whether a levitating Bluetooth speaker would produce good sound, but does this does this blast…

…I could put it on, pull out my notepad and pen and write songs feeling like the beat was blasting in my head. Plus it really looks beautiful just lying around levitating and producing sounds. Doubles as both a speaker and a decoration.

Check out the images of the speaker I pulled from their website.


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