This Little Gadget Has Saved Over 20 of Our Drivers from Road Accidents. Transport Company Boss Reveals.

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…it also helps security watch guards, students, and very busy people


‘’Hello, boss’’. My PA said over the phone, almost out of breathing. ‘’There has been another accident. The driver dozed off’’

I sat up. Dazed. Another incident of ‘’sleep accident’’ Again!

This was the second driver this month.

In a few hours the pictures were all over the internet, ‘’this company again?’’ a comment had read on one of the blogs.

Immediately I swung into action and called a meeting of the board of directors. We had to fix this or we were finished.

…I remember very clearly my own experience with sleeping on the wheels. I had been so busy throughout the day, pulled out of the parking lot of my office and gunned for the road. And all of a sudden, boom…I crashed into a vehicle.

All it took was just a moment of weakness when I shut my eyes.

I later found out this happens more often than we know it. So far you drive a car with an automatic transmission you are at great risk to sleeping at the wheels. And once that happens – boom – anything can happen.

And not just with driving. There are cases where you just have to stay awake but you feel so tired and start dozing off.

Maybe you are watching over a child who has the tendency to crawl out of sight. Or you are cooking at night and sleep creeps in or you have to stay awake but fatigue keeps creeping in. Continue reading, you will find this very useful.

Well, back to my story. We had the meeting and we decided that we had to find a way to monitor the drivers on every trip to make sure they don’t doze off on long trips, it usually happens on long trips.

We had option one. Have someone from the company go with the drivers on each trip. We waved this aside, it wouldn’t make economic sense. We would have to pay the watcher, plus they could both fall asleep.

The solution, we concluded, should be automated. And so we went in search of a device, a gadget. Anything that would make sure that anyone remains awake at the wheels.

And we found this HERE

Works really fine. And it’s also ideal if you have a family and you sometimes have your kids or spouse in the car. This ensures you stay alert on the wheels, no matter how tired you are.

From experience, it comes in handy whenever I’ve had a busy day and I’m so tired and then get to hit a traffic jam that could get me to fall asleep at the wheels. Simply wear it to your ears like an earpiece. Anytime you lean forward suddenly it beeps and keeps you awake.

It’s really amazing how this stuff works.

This anti-sleep device is not only designed for drivers, but it is also perfect for people who need to be fully alert while in service, For example, security guards, machine operators and even students while studying or where concentration is required. CHECK IT OUT HERE

We pushed for all of our drivers to start wearing it, and for the meantime, it has been all good.

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