This Neck Pillow Ensures You Comfortably Sleep Off in a Car or a Long Flight without Waking Up With a Neck Pain

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I travel a lot for business. Some weeks I could be on the road practically all day. And naturally it gets exhausting so I never travel in my car most of the time.

It’s either I travel by a commercial road transport when I’m doing road or just fly to my destination. But whenever I make this journey I end up sleeping off.

I just had to, schedule are always tight and the journey can be long and pretty tiring, so I throw my head back and sleep. Usually keeping my head at awkward angles, and jerking my head back and forth when I sleep.

One day I woke up on the shoulder of a lady sitting beside me on one of my long flights and that was really embarrassing. Then I also began to develop neck pains after these journeys.

The neck pain got worse, so I had to go to the hospital to have it checked. My first reaction was that it could be something worse, I really didn’t think at that time that the awkward positions I sleep in during my travels can do long-lasting damage to my neck.

Well, we ran a series of tests and it came out negative on all the scary parts – cancer and meningitis. But the doctor probed and, luckily for me, he figured out what the root cause was.

The way I slept during my travels. He told me his niece is a travel blogger and also had the same issue till she started using this neck pillow.

It’s an inflatable neck pillow, which means that you can have it blow up to the right pressure that is right for your neck. Even if you suffer from neck pain, or you want to make the long journey comfortable for you then I would recommend it for you.

Personally, asides the neck pain, I also love it because it helps me to sleep comfortably without having to jerk my head around or throw my head back in awkward positions that would give me pains. I just inflate to my taste, put the neck pillow around my neck and sleep off. I GOT MINE HERE

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